About me

I am a Finnish photographer living in Berlin with a focus on industrial, commercial and architectural projects. I graduated majoring in Contemporary Photographic Arts from The University for the Creative Arts (UK), and worked for over four years as a product photographer and retoucher for Zalando, followed by employment at Carhartt Work in Progress. 

I have in the recent photographed for companies such as Longines, Iittala, Zalando and Tchai International, as well as photographed for Bernhard Roetzel’s latest book Herrenschuhe nach Maß (h.f.ullmann, 2019) with Martin Josef Smolka as well as for the new revised edition of the classic Der Gentleman (h.f.ullmann, Ed. 2019).

I am the photographer / videographer / co-founder of an Online-Magazine, Der Feine Herr, that produces weekly stories on bespoke menswear. Visit here

I am available for work and commissions within Germany (DACH) and Finland.